We provide top-class packaging and foils for pharmacy.

The pharmaceutical PVC/PVDC/PE foil is a product with ultra-low gas permeability. The foil consists of layers that, when combined, provide long-term durability, the highest insulation for gasses and liquids, and total safety. 

The PVDC material is a copolymer of polyvinylidene chloride. That's the material responsible for ultra-low gas permeability. PVDC is a latex material, but after solidification, it gets fragile. Hence, it makes itself unsuitable for the production of packaging. The unique PVC/PVDC/PE layer joining technology allows us to obtain a material with excellent mechanical and insulating properties, maintaining adequate flexibility and reduced brittleness at room temperature. In the production process, we strictly control all parameters, including the thickness of the foil layers, the process temperature, and the thermal treatment time. 

Our foil is ideal for packaging medicines that require leak-tight packaging. Maintaining the highest safety standards allows us to guarantee even a two-year shelf life of the packaging of your products.

Characteristics of PVDC foil for pharmacy

Our PVDC foil meets the highest requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

PVDC foil for pharmacies is used in the following areas:

  • medicine packaging
  • dietary supplement packaging
  • packaging of other pharmaceuticals

PVDC foil isolate packaged pharmaceutical products and is a barrier to external factors such as:

  • moisture that can damage products
  • fragrances
  • gasses that may react with medicinal products, thereby reducing their durability
  • biological agents, such as micro-organisms that can contaminate medicines

The PVDC pharmaceutical foil guarantees airtight isolation of medicines and other medical products. We deliver a sterile packaged product in packages of sizes tailored to customer needs.